4 New Technologies for Home Security

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Gone are the days when all you have is a traditional lock to keep your home secure. Now, there are new advancements that can take home security further. Here are a few, which you may already be familiar with or not:

#1: Smart Locks

Arguably, the update for home security technology is the smart lock. Whether for a safe or doors, these locks can detect the owner’s presence via Bluetooth on a smartphone. The system automatically locks and unlocks depending on the input, and the best version of this is one that enables you to connect to an automation system that informs devices that you are there or not. For example, an automated thermostat is capable of switching to energy-saving mode if you are not present at home.

There are also other types of smart locks aside from Bluetooth, one of which is the Wi-Fi locks. A Wi-Fi lock has much more functionality, such as enabling you to check whether a door is currently locked or not. However, requiring an Internet connection can make these locks prone to hacking. If you are curious about various smart lock models for storage, drop by Smartlock Storage to learn more.

#2: Remote Monitoring

Another method of keeping homes secure is via remote monitoring. With them, you can keep checking on your home even if you are at school or at work. With remote monitoring, you can go on a vacation without doubting your home security, since you will be able to observe via real-time photos and videos. These even come with extra features such as activating or deactivating security systems, notifying others about fire or intrusion, and streaming camera feeds.

#3: Home Sensors

Nowadays, you can rely on a machine to sense your presence and lock or unlock doors automatically. Others utilize motion detection and rely on cues such as waving for identifying a person. You can manipulate sensors via smartphone or tablet, which is quite convenient. Also, the automation itself can send you a text or email in case of any detection triggers. Lastly, you can install alerts on sensors that can scare off burglars with a visual or auditory cue.

#4: Bio-scanners

Surely, you have seen a bio-scanner in a movie, those that check your eyes or fingerprints. Now, that type of fictional instrument is slowly becoming integrated into reality. These are not even that pricey, and all you will ever need is a smartphone and a tablet. An example of this is the fingerprint door lock and fingerprint safe. Overall, bio-scanners are a better alternative to smart locks, although the technology is still somewhat recent.


Now, you can say goodbye to traditional locks and keep your home secure with new technology. Whether it is smart locks, remote monitoring, home sensors, or bio-scanners, investing in your home security is a wise way to spend your money, and it may even be necessary for the present. You can save more cash in the long run if you ensure that your home is safe.