Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

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Most people love listening to music. You can match music to your mood, and these days you can take your music anywhere. However, although portable digital devices such as tablets and smartphones have improved over the years, speakers seem to have been left behind. This means that you need to buy an external speaker if you want to listen to great sounding music.

You have two main choices if you want to hear great sounds. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers. Wi-Fi speakers are great to listen to music around the house. However, if you want to take your music elsewhere then you need a bluetooth speaker. Check out this model if you want to take bluetooth speakers to the next level. But what features should you look for in a Bluetooth speaker?

Quality of Sound

If you are buying an external speaker, you probably want to listen to music. So the first thing you need to be aware of is how great the sound is. There is not much point buying a great looking speaker if the sound is no better than listening through your tablet.

Many very small bluetooth speakers actually have surprisingly great sound. Some models have the sound coming out from 360 degrees, which is a great feature. You also need to check out the volume. Many models will distort at high volumes but check to see how loud the speaker will actually go and still sound great.


The portability of bluetooth speakers can vary from being able to pop it into a coat pocket or a back pack to requiring transport by car. Some models weigh as much as 11 Kilos. If you are going to be carrying it regularly around with you, make sure you check out the weight. Don’t assume that just because they are labelled as being ‘portable’ that they actually are!

Battery Life

There is quite a difference between the worst and the best battery life. Remember too that the life span described is normally the best you are going to get. The actual performance can be worse than listed. Some speakers can last a fairly impressive 16 hours which is great for a camping trip. Remember that the louder you play your music, the harder your speaker will work. This will reduce the battery life quite considerably.


The average range of most bluetooth speakers is between 25 and 50 feet. Some models have an excellent range of up to 100 feet. Although the range of many models is not great, some can easily be linked together to extend the range. If you are planning any outdoor, wild parties, this can be a good option.


Without wishing to appear vain and shallow, looks are so important. Yes, in your bluetooth speaker too. Looks vary from a great minimalist design, to the appearance of a ‘70s boom box. Many are available in a pleasing range of colours too. Clearly you need the features too but a good looking speaker is a nice bonus.


Many speakers are described as waterproof. However, often this means they are water resistant. Normally, this is all you need. There are some speakers that you can actually submerge in water. Not sure why you would want to but if you do, check out the IP rating. IPX7 is fully waterproof so can be submerged. IPX5 is probably the best option if you want to party by the pool or in the bath. This means splashes are fine but don’t chuck it in.

Other Features

Before you decide a speaker has a feature that you can’t live without, remember why you want the speaker in the first place. If you must have a speaker that lights up, make sure the sound is great too.

  • Lights that can give a great little light show in time with the music.
  • Voice activated.
  • Gesture activated.
  • Tap and play allows you to play, pause or skips songs.

There are lots of great bluetooth speakers around. Before you buy, make sure you check out the features available and buy the best speaker in your price range. The price of bluetooth speakers can vary quite considerably. Make sure you buy one that will suit your needs or you will be disappointed.