Common HVAC Problems and Their Causes

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HVAC systems are essential for homes to be functional, safe and comfortable. These systems have several moving parts, which mean that you cannot avoid problems with these systems. Let us look at the most common issues that homeowners face and what you can do about them.

The HVAC Unit Is Not Working to Full Potential

This issue can be linked to a number of causes. If the HVAC unit is still new and age isn’t an issue, the problem might be due to a frozen coil in the unit. The coil might get to this state if the unit has a low amount of refrigerant, which is the chemical which cools the incoming air.

Every HVAC unit comes with specifications on how much refrigerant is suitable for the specific model. If an AC unit isn’t working properly, you shouldn’t just add refrigerant. Know the kind that you need something that you cannot do on your own – you need to call in an expert to handle the problem.

Refrigerant leaks aren’t just bad for the performance of the unit; they are bad for the environment as well.

Another common cause of poor performance is a dirty filter. If the filter is not cleaned or changed regularly, dirt and dust accumulate and block the normal flow of air. This means your system becomes inefficient and can’t perform to its maximum potential. A dirty filter is also not energy efficient, which leads to a spike in the monthly energy bill. Replacing a clogged filter can decrease the energy consumption by as much as 10 percent.

Mold Near the Air Ducts

The growth of mold shows the presence of excessive moisture in the home. Mold is dangerous because it can lead to serious allergic reactions, putting the people in your home at risk of respiratory diseases. The biggest issue with mold is that it can spread rapidly through the home, causing costly and unsightly repairs.

Once you notice mold in the home call in a professional HVAC repair immediately. Check out to know what to do next. The task at hand is to clean the system or dehumidify your home.

Weird Noise from the Unit

Your HVAC unit needs to run silently however long you use it. Strange noises coming from your unit can indicate various things. One of the reasons is a clogged inducer motor, which should be cleaned and properly lubricated. Items that can block the inducer motor include leaves, dead bugs and other debris.

Another common cause of funny sounds emanating from the system is worn out parts. When parts wear out, they don’t work as expected and might lead to strange noises. When you notice strange noises, you need to call the technician to handle the issue. It might mean tightening a loose part or replacing a worn out part. Either way, it depends on the technician to discover where the issue is and handle it the right way.

In Closing

There are various issues that cause faults with your HVAC unit. When you notice any issue, make sure you call a professional to handle the problem before it becomes worse.