Dog Bite Injuries – Do You Have a Case?

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As odd as it may sound, it is not always that you can take legal action for a dog bite. Before a personal injury lawyer recommends a lawsuit, he or she will have to look at the factors that led to the bite as well as the extent of possible injuries.

What does it take to build a strong dog bite injury suit?  Here is what the lawyer will most probably want to know from you to determine whether you have enough grounds to take legal action.

What is the Extent of Injury?

How badly you got injured primarily determined the value of damages you can recover in your dog bite case. Thus, the extent of injury should be such that it can warrant a substantial amount as compensation. Apart from the physical harm, you can also recover lost income and emotional turmoil brought about by the incident.

Do You Know the Dog’s Owner?

It almost goes without saying that the owner of the dog is legally responsible for the damages caused by the animal. Thus, you must know the owner of the dog or where to get him or her to file a personal injury claim. Otherwise, if a stray dog bites you and you can’t trace the owner, it is virtually impossible to initiate a lawsuit.

Where Did the Incident Take Place?

The laws that regulate animal bites vary from one state to the other. If you happen to live in one with strict liability laws, you must show that you did not in any way provoke the dog during the incident. Strict liability laws state that the dog owner is liable for the animal’s bite, irrespective of whether he or she did anything wrong in regards to protecting others from an attack.

Did the Animal Have Ferocious Propensities?

Not all states have strict liability as far animal bites go. In such areas, for you to succeed with your dog bite injury claim, you must show that the animal displayed vicious propensities. Also, you must prove that the owner ought to have known that his/her animal has aggressive behaviour and would have taken enough measures such as hanging “beware of dog” sign to warn potential victims. That way, the owner of the dog will be deemed to have acted negligently.

Where You Working During the Incident?

You may recover more than dog bite injury damages depending on what you were doing at the time when the incident occurred. If you were carrying out work-related activities when you got bitten by the dog, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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