Expert Tips to Grow Your Following on Instagram

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Instagram was meant to be an image-sharing app between friends and colleagues. The first image was shared by Kevin Systron, the founder of the app in 2010. Surprisingly, the first image was of the founder’s pet, a dog.  If you have been on Instagram for some time, you know too well that the platform has become more than somewhere to share images of pets or exotic destinations.

The app has become the top image-sharing app with more than 800 million users each month. This fact has made businesses to sit up and notice, and as we speak, brands are doing all they can to get their businesses on Instagram with the aim of building their brand.

Instagram is all about numbers. The more followers you have, the more likes you get and the more comments that are left by your followers are all that matter. The more numbers you have, the higher the authority you command in the niche. Let us look at the top expert tips to get more followers.

Show Your Followers What the Business is All About

You need to have a complete bio and information that tells visitors what the business is all about. When coming up with a bio, make sure you stay consistent in all the media profiles that you have, right from Twitter to Instagram. Use your business logo with the right colours, font and style.

Get Closer to Your Audience

You need to get as close as you can get to your audience. Use Instagram stories to talk about moments that are hidden from the normal processes. When you do this, you get to engage your followers and make them feel the sense of belonging that can keep them hooked to your account for longer.

Consistency is Key

One word – consistency. You need to be consistent in all that you do. The concept of consistency is easier said than done. You need to maintain consistency with your posts, content, engagement and stories. Being consistent keeps you in the good books of the Instagram algorithm, which makes your account look legit and attracts more followers.

One way to be consistent with your engagement is through use of an auto liker. The Small Business Blog says to try a liker that you can use easily, and one that matches with your marketing needs.

Know Your Audience

To build a brand, you need to understand the kind of content that users yearn for. Competition on this platform is stiff, and if you don’t know your audience well, you risk losing them to your competition.

Once you understand what the audience loves, the next step is to offer them the right content in a consistent manner. So, come up with a solid strategy, schedule your content and improve the speed of posting content to extend your reach.

Final Words

Getting more Instagram followers is one of the best ways to grow your brand. With enough followers, you can command a following that gives you an authority on your niche.