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Classic weddings are the way to go when you need a theme that can stand the test of time. A classic wedding reminds you of the bygone eras, and if executed to perfection, you won’t regret going this route. Let us look at how you can plan the perfect classic wedding.

Get the Ideal Venue

The venue you settle for the wedding has a very big impact on how well you can execute this elusive theme. Every couple would love to have the best décor at the venue. To make this work, you need to get a venue that gives you the necessary lighting requirements. It should also give you the chance to experiment and show off the colors you have chosen beautifully.


You have to get the right decorations as well. Go for flowers, lamps, candles and other accessories that deliver the effect you want. The floral selection and arrangements should be elegant and use blooms that are regal and commanding. If you can afford it, hire a florist that understands the best way to bring out a classic look.

Consider tall centerpieces and aisle décor with tulips, roses and orchids to add a classy look. Make do with mood lighting, lack of which you can use dim candle light to create the mood. Crystal vases, glass, gold and copper vessels are other items that can add the sparkle you seek.

Aim for some elegance, but don’t overdo it as it can spoil everything. For decorating the aisle, tables and chair backs, go for sheer white fabric to add some luxury and a romantic touch.

Color Combinations

Color plays a major role in determining the outcome of the wedding. The classic colors are white and black, but you have space to be innovative. Adding a touch of gold, copper, silver and other dark shades can give classic color combinations. White and gold works perfectly, as other combinations that you might wish to try out. However, make sure there aren’t too many bold colors to dampen the bright ones. Make sure the colors work together with the venue décor.

Your Wedding Dress

Go for classic elements such as lace and silk. Make sure the choice of dress, accessories and shoes go well with the décor. You can have the dress made entirely or lace or have only a few lace additions in areas such as the sleeves, neckline and hemline. Choose a white color, but add in a darker shade that brings out the color of your skin. Another fabric you can go for is satin.

You should also consider the train and the veil. A long veil and a chapel train help you nail that classic look. Add some gemstones and pearls and you are good to go. A headband, tiara or headpin make the look complete.


The standout aspect that will make your wedding stand out is the venue. You might be spoilt for choice, but it is better to go for a venue that you trust. Opt for classic event rental Asheville services to get the perfect venue for an upcoming classic wedding.