Know About The Different Types Of Bikes And Enjoy Biking

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Bikes are very much popular nowadays. You can see the variety of bikes on roads. Different bikes have different capacity and features. Some bikes offer very high speed to the rider while some offer slow speed. It also depends on the force applied by the rider while riding the bike. Bikes are considered to be a reliable transportation vehicle because they are cheaper than cars. Youngsters as well as children love to ride bikes. This is the reason for increasing demand for bikes around the world. For youths, biking is an exciting and joyful activity. Bikers Basics can provide you all the important information about biking and bikes available in the market.


Bikes come in different sizes, design, color and types. The types of bikes popularly used nowadays are listed below-

Mountain bikes – Mountain bikes are specifically designed for rough surfaces. They allow the biker to enjoy riding on mountains and hilly areas. They usually have thick and wide tires that are suitable for uneven and rough surfaces. Mountain bikes usually have upright or flat handlebars. They are light in weight so you can easily operate them.

Road bikes – Road bikes are specifically designed to run smoothly on flat roads. These bikes are comparatively lighter in weight. Anyone can ride road bikes easily. Road bikes come in different sizes. These bikes are for everyone irrespective of age. They usually have downward curving handles and narrow tires. These bikes have multiple gears that allow the rider to adjust the speed accordingly.

Hybrid bikes – These bikes possess the qualities of both road bikes and mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes are suitable for multiple types of terrain. They usually have straight handlebars. They have narrow tires to provide smooth riding. Hybrid bikes also have multiple gears just like road bikes and mountain bikes.

Cruiser – Cruiser bikes have the same features like that of a hybrid bike. They have a comfortable seat. They are designed specifically for casual riding. Cruiser bikes come with wide tires. These bikes are available in different colors in the market.

Folding bikes – These bikes are suitable for those people who travel a lot with bike and for those who don’t have enough space in their house to keep a bike. You can easily take folding bike with you while travelling via plane, train or boat. These bikes are light in weight and smaller in size. Also, they have smaller wheels. Thus, they require very less space.

Adult tricycle – Adult tricycles come with three wheels that provide safe and comfortable ride. They usually have a big basket in which you can keep large number of things. You can go for shopping on this bike and keep all the shopping items in the attached basket of the tricycle.

Recumbent bikes – These bikes provide comfortable seat along with backrest to the rider. It is considered to be the most comfortable bike. They are suitable only for plain surfaces. Recumbent bikes come in different models. Some models have two tires only while some have three tires. They look totally different from other bikes.