Setting Up Your Travel Blog

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If you are an avid traveller, blogging is a way to share your stories and make some money on the side. Many people love travelling, but they just don’t have an idea of where to go or where to start. Travel blogging gives you the perfect avenue to share ideas, tips and more.

While it seems easy to start travel blogging, it isn’t that way at all. You need to put so much into the thought and implementation before everything falls into place. Here are the top tips to help you start, and maintain a top travel blog.

Have a Good Name for the Blog

The attention span of the online visitor is similar to that of a toddler – a few seconds. So, you only have several seconds to grab the attention of the reader before he moves to another website. Pick a name that communicates what your blog is all about, and it should be creative in order to count.

There are a lot of names that are oversaturated and overused. These are totally boring and unoriginal and have been already claimed by bloggers before. Many people won’t even care about the blog once they see these names.

On the contrary, choose a name that is interesting. Let the name be unique and different. Take time to choose the perfect name because you might not get the chance to change it anytime soon. Changing and rebranding the name takes a lot of sacrifices.

Finally, make sure you choose a name that is easy to read, especially when it is squeezed into a URL.

Pay for Hosting

Yes – you have to pay for a slice of the internet and have your own space to write the stories. Setting up the blog on paid hosting adds some credibility to your blog, and gives you an extension that is reputable.

Before you sent up the hosting, you need to get a URL that blends with your name. This represents your web address; this is where visitors get you. Once you have the hosting and domain name, you can now start setting up the blog.

Set Up the Blog

Once you have the domain and the hosting, you can now upload the blog theme and then start adding content. Well, if you have no know-how about building the site, don’t worry at all. All you need to do is use a reputable service such as that gives you a pre-made template.

All you have to do now is to use the visual editor to create the blog. The platform is easy to use and doesn’t need the help of a specialist.

Once you have the template installed and working, you can add some plugins. This is the awesome part because you get to make the site look awesome. The plugins that you choose should complement the kind of blog you need. If you want to talk to your visitors, you can add a chat plugin.

Track Your Stats

You can measure the traffic to your blog using Google analytics. You need to know how many people come to your site, their source and more. It is all in the analytics. Google analytics is the top tracker for web traffic all over the world.

From there, you can track the statistics each month and use the numbers to modify your actions.

Don’t Forget Your Social Media Pages

To get traffic to your blog, you need to use your social media pages. Publishing your posts represent only a single part of blogging, the other part is utilizing social media. The world we live in is all about sharing information online in real time. If you don’t use social media, the world is leaving you behind.

Make sure the social media pages bear the same name as your blog. This connects the blog to the social media pages.

Join the Right Community

Starting travel blogging requires someone to hold your hand. You can get the right people to do this in the different vibrant communities available online.


Travel blogging is one of the best ways to share your passion for travelling, offer information and make some money. Take time to come up with the right name, host the blog and add content.