Six-Speed Mixers Are the Key to Great Creations

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The stand mixer has become the premier mixer for chefs, either professionals or those at home. The stand mixer gives the chef the ability to do the job while not having to stand over the top of the appliance while the mixing is occurring.

These mixers have become a must for chefs in all walks of life, but they can be quite expensive to buy, and this is why sites like have become such a great place to find the mixer that a person may need. They will find an outstanding stand mixer at a price that is affordable.

One of the mixers that has become quite popular with users of all degrees of expertise is the six-speed mixer. There are several name brand companies that have quality six-speed stand mixers available, including Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach. Six-speed mixers have become the standard for many chefs and that is for good reason.


One of the more popular aspects that is found in some of these stand mixers is that they give the chef the option of either using the mixer as a stand option, or they can disconnect the mixer from the main assembly and use it like a standard hand-held mixer. This gives chefs the added versatility that is not often available in other mixers.


Because of its ability to be used in the two different ways means that the mixer head must be lightweight. This is one of the areas that makes the mixer so special and unique. At only about five pounds this is a real light appliance, which makes it so that you can store the appliance and bring it out as needed. Most stand mixers are quite heavy and awkward and so moving it to a cabinet is simply not possible.

Speed Options

Six-speeds means that you have many options in how you want to use your blender. The six-speeds allows you do perform tasks that need to be slow and methodical, such as kneading of bread, to much more rapid speed, for more thorough blending. This gives you the ideal options for different blending levels. In fact, many recipes that a chef would find including varying degrees of mixing depending upon the mixture one was blending. Six speeds gives the chef the flexibility to match the ingredients to the consistency that they desire.

Bowl Stabilizer

Both increased speeds and decreased ones can present an issue in keeping the bowl in one place during mixing. The slow option can pull the bowl with it as ingredients are mixed, and the higher speed option creates jerkiness. Many six-speed mixers come with bowl stabilizers to ensure that your mixing continues as needed without causing the bowl to dislodge from the stand.