Smart Bulbs For Modern Day Lighting

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In this world of innovation, people get stunned to see the things they had never thought about. One such thing that you will be amazed to know is a smart bulb. Smart bulb comes with many elegant features like wifi, Bluetooth, zigbee and many other advance features. Smart bulb is smart for a reason because it does not need a bulb holder to lighten up your house. This bulb is connected with your mobile; you just need to download the app to use this bulb. Smart bulb is not just smart it is marvelous as it makes your house lavish and elegantIf you wish to know more about the smart bulbs, you can visit LumiGrowth.

Components of smart light

The key components of smart lights are –

  • One of the biggest advantages of using a smart bulb is that it emits an infinite number of colors. You can change the color of the bulb by just using your mobile or tablet. Plus you can also enjoy edge connectivity which this bulb. The smart bulbs also have built in speakers which you can use to enjoy music.
  • One of the major factors which has a very vast impact on the lifespan of this smart bulb is its heat sink. There are different types of materials which are used in the smart bulb like aluminum and Ceramic which increases its durability.
  • You can also set the active time of smart bulb. It means the bulb can automatically switch on and off according to your order. It can also be controlled over wifi. If you are not at home and smart bulb is on, there is no need to worry about it. You can control the lighting of the bulb from anywhere.
  • Smart bulb can also enhance the health and wellness of you and your family. It is possible to adjust the light according to your desired mood during party, reading and sleeping.
  • Smart bulb can automatically turn on when you come in a certain range of that bulb. This feature will also enhance the security of your house.  These bulbs also have an alarm and alert system. The bulb starts blinking whenever you receive any email or message on any social media platform on your smartphone.
  • Days are gone when you had to do wiring to install a single bulb. Smart bulb installation is very simple and it also helps you in saving money on your energy bills.