The Benefits Of The Main Two Types Of Ice Maker Machines

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The ice machines are very useful both at home and in commercial spaces, such as fast foods, offices and most of all restaurants and bars. You cannot own a club without having an ice maker, because you cannot serve a cocktail without a few cubes of ice in it to make it cold and delicious. Moreover, it started to be very useful in your own kitchen, especially if you live in a country where the summers are hot and you need ways to cool down.

There are two different types of ice makers you should know about and compare them before you choose the one that will make your hot days bearable. They are classified depending on where they can be used and these two important types are the countertop and the undercounter ice machines. Both of them have many advantages and you should learn about each of them before ordering the wright one for you, that will match your needs and fit into it designed place. Moreover, before ordering, you should compare and contrast the prices to learn where the best prices are, which dealers offer the best warranty and which models and producers offer the most qualitative choices.

To find out all the advantages you have to research thoroughly every aspect of the ice machines and never ignore a characteristic. Also, you have to keep in mind that some machines need special piping, an undercounter machines will need a drainage pipe that should be installed before you furnish the kitchen and if you wish not to alter your interior design with new construction, you should choose the countertop ice maker. However, if you read any undercounter ice machine review you will notice that everyone advices you to choose the undercounter type if you want the interior design not to be disturbed, but there are countertop ice makers that are very modern and with nice lines that will fit the décor.

Both ice makers will bring you only advantages

The undercounter type is very popular, because as we mentioned before, they can be hidden in a furniture cabinet and no one will know that you have an appliance there. However, this isn’t the only advantage of the undercounter machine, they can produce a big quantity of ice daily, about 60 pounds and they are very cost effective. The prices start at about $300 and can go up to $3000. They come in a usual measure that fits perfectly the space under your counter, but they can vary a little to fit every kitchen. There are so many benefits of owning such an ice machine and you will love it the most during the hot summer days when you will have all the ice you need for your drinks. The countertop machines brings one extra benefit and this is the fact that you can take it with you camping, in your RV, on the boat and everywhere else where there is a socket.