Tips for Launching Your Own Laser Engraving Business

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The growth of the laser engraving, etching, and marking industry has inspired the desire to initiate businesses within this industry. While the laser engraving technology has existed for many years, interest in it has increased exponentially over the last few years. Manufacturers of laser engraving machines have seen an increase in sales, proving that this industry is swiftly growing.

Before you consider launching your own laser engraving business, make sure you know what it’s all about.

What’s laser engraving?

Laser engraving is the etching or cutting of various kinds of materials like metal, wood, rubber, glass, mirror, and plastic. The kind of business you start will be determined by your application. And your application will determine the kind of engraving tools you’ll need to buy from Needham Coding.

Getting started

Determine what types of materials, products, and applications you’ll work with in your business. This is a vital step you can’t skip as it might prove costly.

Bigger is better sometimes

For the best results and revenue, it’s wise to buy a larger engraving bed. Two perfect sizes to start with are 12 by 24 inch or 12 by 18 inch, both of which are fairly standard sizes in the laser engraving business. Anything smaller won’t help you keep pace with your competitors.

Tools and machines

The equipment you use is the most valuable part of your engraving business. As with any business, it is imperative to have the right tools for the tasks in the business.

Think about the materials you want to use and pick a machine that won’t just cut through your materials, but do so accurately. Always speak to a reliable laser engraving professional before you choose your machine. Get the opinions of at least two qualified sales people and people you trust in the industry. Don’t waste your budget on a powerful, expensive machine if you do not need it.

What do you need to start your laser engraving business?

Engraving is an extremely cost-effective project for anyone looking to launch a business. With a small investment, you can initiate your laser engraving business.

To launch your small business, you’ll need the following:

A computer: It’s recommended that you choose any from Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 operating system.

Laser system options/features: Depending on the laser system you pick, there are a number of accessories that are included either as accessories or standard features you can buy. Here are the most recommended options, but make sure to find out whether they’re in the equipment or need additional purchase.

Graphic software: This differs depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers of laser engraving systems require that you make use of their proprietary software while others come with open architecture that lets you work with your current software. Graphic suites may cost a lot, so make sure you research this area carefully.

Auto focus: This automatically points the laser to the right engraving height.

Air assist: Lets you connect the system with an air compressor that blows a steady jet of air at the burn point. Helps minimize any flare-up caused by combustible materials.

Rotary attachment: This is used for etching glasses, wine bottles, mugs, as well as other cylindrical objects.

Vector cutting grid: If you want to cut through materials, this is what you need.

How you can use laser engraving

Although you might think that laser engraving is simplistic and associated with personalizing plaques, trophies, and awards, you’re not thinking outside the box. Laser engraving also has applications like personalized gifts, crafts, and cutting of patterns for the clothing markets.

The best thing about the laser engraving business is that the machines have been stable over the last few years. If you want to start this business, this is the best time to do so. This business is not only low or medium cost, but also has a huge profit margin. Essentially, you’re carrying out custom work and determining your own prices. Keep an eye on technology because these machines are improving constantly.

Starting your own laser engraving business might be just what you need. You should decide on what kind of engraving you want to do, and then purchase the right kind of equipment to help you achieve those goals.