Wedding Music: Mistakes to Avoid

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Traditionally, it used to be that the music choices for your wedding were very limited and straightforward. Most of the couples opted for a church wedding, and there was a list of available music to choose from. You only heard of 3-4 music pieces that were used over and over again.

Fast forward to now and you have an unlimited number of wedding music to choose from, with the option to enjoy the music from a wide variety of sources including DJs, musicians or an iPod. Even so, many weddings flop because of mistakes that couples and wedding planners make when choosing the right music for the event. Let us look at some of these common mistakes, and how to avoid them in order to have a memorable wedding.

Lack of or Poor Quality Equipment

One of the mistakes that can happen (which you wouldn’t ever wish to happen) is to experience failure of the sound system. If you didn’t hire the right sound system or if the venue has a faulty system, then a disaster is about to happen. Never assume that the venue will give you everything you need in terms of sound equipment.

Instead, find out what your musician requires and crosscheck with the venue whether they have the equipment you need or they don’t. If they don’t have the right equipment or if their equipment is faulty, you need to look for another source. One of the options you have is to hire back up equipment so that you are prepared for any eventuality

It would be a better idea if the musician comes and checks out the venue in advance. The musician will know what he needs exactly and tell you in advance.

Terrible Acoustics at the Venue

Just because the venue looks beautiful and ideal for the wedding doesn’t mean that it is suitable for your wedding. Some of these venues just drown the sound, which will make it hard for the audience to hear the music.

The best remedy for this issue is to have the musician play at the venue during the rehearsal. This will point out any flaws in the acoustics, giving you the chance to remedy the situation to avoid embarrassments during the wedding ceremony.

If you are planning to hold the ceremony in a closed venue, make sure to work on proper speaker placement so that you enjoy the best sound quality. Achieving such a sound quality in an open venue, say a beach, is a big challenge because there are no walls to echo the sound.

Environmental and background noises can drown out the sound from the musician. Make sure you get a sound system that you can adjust to handle the background acoustic limitations.

Poor Communication

Every musician has his or her own performing program. Remember to communicate with him regarding the venue, the place to set up the equipment and how long he will have to perform. If you don’t give the musician a copy of the program and give them necessary cues you might end up experiencing unnecessary pauses during the wedding ceremony.

This might also happen if you decide to hire inexperienced musicians to handle the event. Mitigate this by first getting experienced singers from You can also work around this issue by having a trusted person to work hand in hand with the musician.

Failure to Stick to the Agreement

You need to stay flexible when dealing with the musician. These musicians have various weddings to handle, and they will perform at your ceremony in a professional manner. If you don’t agree on how you will handle any additional time, the musician might end up walking away from the function when it is in high gear.

To reach a solution, make sure you agree with the musician regarding any extra time he will play. This is because due to the nature of the ceremony, your guests might just decide to party longer and it might be inconveniencing to start looking for another musician to take over. Fix a specific fee for each extra hour the musician plays. You will also get a good service from him if you provide a place to relax during the sets and treat him to a good meal.

Overlooking the Choice of Music

The musician knows a lot of wedding songs that he can play at your event. However, it is not right to leave this choice entirely to him. He doesn’t know your personal preferences and your choices for the day.

To get around this, make sure you come up with a possible playlist that you discuss with the musician before making the final decision. Once you have the playlist, make sure you assign each song to each session. This will guide the musician and make everything easier for him.

Having a playlist is also ideal to prevent the musician from performing songs that will wake up painful memories of your past. Don’t let any song catch you by surprise on this special day.

Final Words

Music is one of the strong pillars that make any memorable wedding. It doesn’t matter whether it is the wedding ceremony or reception, having the right music at both functions is paramount. Mistakes do happen, and failure to mitigate them might end up spoiling even the best-laid wedding plans. This is the reason why you should know some of the mistakes that might happen early enough so that you can mitigate them before the big day.