Why Camping Is Actually Good For Your Health

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Plenty of people use vacation time as an opportunity to go camping. Whether you do it because it is fun or because you want to be more in touch with nature, spending your time camping with those you care about is always a great idea. But camping isn’t only a fun time, it’s also an incredibly healthy time for both your body and your mind. The health benefits of camping begin almost as soon as you start walking out into nature, and they can last weeks, even months, after the trip has long ended.

Benefits of Camping

  • Exercise

Unless your version of camping involves someone carrying you the whole way, you probably get a fair amount of exercise when you’re out in the wilderness. Walking around, lifting and carrying things, setting up your campsite, and playing around in nature all burn calories and support your heart and lung health. All that exercise contributes to reducing stress too, and exercise has been linked to strong mental health and brain functioning as well.

  • Sunlight

You’ve probably heard about how important Vitamin D is, but odds are you still don’t quite get enough. In fact, most Americans actually suffer from undiagnosed or unrecognized vitamin D deficiency. The best treatment is, and always has been, exposure to natural sunlight. What better way to spend time out in the sun than taking a camping trip? Even just laying out in the sun around your tent for a few hours a day will help you feel better, and improve your body’s absorption of calcium. Plus, all that sun exposure helps you sleep better when night comes!

  • Fresh Air

Camping exposes you to the fresh air of the outdoors. That may seem like a cliché, but the air is actually fresher in natural environments! All those lovely trees, shrubs, and flowers growing around your campsite are exuding a constant stream of oxygen into the air around you. These higher oxygen levels help your body function more effectively, contributing to a range of health benefits. Your brain functions more effectively with a healthy amount of oxygen, making you feel sharper, more alert, and releasing higher levels of serotonin. This leaves you feeling less stressed and happier, effects which last even beyond the camping trip. Plus, all that fresh air improves your blood pressure, helps you digest food more easily, and even boosts your immune system! The more time you spend surrounded by oxygen producing plants, the greater effect these benefits have, giving you one more reason to go take that long camping trip you’ve been planning.

  • Sleep Benefits

No alarm clocks. No late night phone calls. No emails to send in the morning. In fact, nothing to do in the morning at all besides whatever you want! Top all of that relief off with a healthy dose of natural sunlight and the stress-relieving benefits of being out in nature, and you’ve got a potent combination for deep and restful slumber. You don’t have to spend all night tossing and turning on a cheap sleeping bag either. Check out the deals on this website, so you can bring along a quality sleeping bag that you’ll never want to come out of. The benefits to your sleep cycle from a single week of camping don’t go away as soon as you return to work either, they last weeks, even months after your tent has already been stashed back in your attic.

  • Connecting With Loved Ones

Unless you are embarking on a spiritual journey or following in the footsteps of Thoreau, you’ll probably go camping with friends, family, or a loved one. In our society, we often spend a large amount of our time working alone or away from those we care about in order to survive and provide for ourselves and our families.  Camping provides an opportunity to spend time and to connect with those you hold dear, helping you feel fulfilled and reducing your stress. As an added benefit, spending time with friends and family has been shown to extend your lifespan and improve your brain functioning, so grab your friends and go socialize around a fire pit for a week. Your brain, and your friends will thank you. 

Camping is a great way to spend a vacation. Whether you want to spend time in nature, reconnect with friends or family, or just go on an adventure, camping provides a way to experience it all. The health benefits of camping are nothing to scoff at, so get out there and get your prescription for fun, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being in your body and mind.